BOER GOAT MEAT - available now - drop us an email

Raised naturally on a grass, hay & browse diet which is supplemented over winter with a grain based meal.

Traditional whole goat to include neck chops, Loin (chops or half chops/half loin), Shoulder (whole or two halves), Leg (whole or two halves), Breast, Liver & Kidney. You may want some back as mince.

Butchered, bagged & labelled ready for your freezer.

Whole goat £ approx kg

“The Leg of Goat was yummy - better than lamb!”
Mrs Sheppard - Twyford

Boerewors is the traditional South African sausage.  Its name translates literally as "farmers sausage".  Made to a traditional recipe this sausage is a perfect additional to any summer BBQ

goat; pork; pork fat; goat fat; water; rusk [wheat flour (calcium carbonate; iron; niacin; thiamin); salt; ammonium bicarbonate; E503ii]; spices; salt 

6 per pack

Tasty goat sausage with the perfect combination of spices, garden mint and coriander
goat; goat fat; water; rusk (wheat flour, salt); fortified wheatflour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate; iron; niacin; thiamin); salt; sugar; yeast extract; tomato powder; herbs; preservative: sodium metabisulphite E223 (Sulphur dioxide (SO2)); stabiliser E450 & E451; sodium citrate E331; antioxidant E301; flavouring (milk); spice; spice extract

6 per pack