Suckling pigs are just that, piglets that are still suckling from the sow.  As such they are only available up to approx 8 weeks of age by the very nature that at eight weeks they are well onto hard feed and are weaned, hence are no longer suckling.  If you need to feed more people you will either need a few suckling pigs or move up a stage to a spit roast pig.

Spit roast pigs can be provided dressed ready to roast by your chosen method and are available with a deadweight of up to 55kgs (We can provide larger pigs but be sure your equipment will take the weight and size).   We can even roast your pig for you at your event - just ask!

The drop down menu below gives pricing information and allows you to order your pig.  Please bare in mind that pigs are subject to availability and also unless you are local or are planning to collect from our farm, please email us first with the date you require your pig and your delivery address.  The more notice you give us the more likely we are to be able to provide you with your pig.  If you are working well in advance you can if you wish just pay a deposit to secure your pig/date, with the balance paid nearer the time.



We are always happy to supply hogs ready to roast to both private individuals and caterers.  We can even roast them for you and serve if required.  But perhaps you fancy roasting a hog yourself - there's nothing more rewarding than spit roasting your own hog over an open fire pit, watching the crackling crisp up, the juices from the meat oozing out and basting the carcass as it's turned, naturally enjoying a few beers as the day progresses, your guests arrive and marvel at the sight, the smell, and then when it's cooked just right you as chef get the perks and sample that very first bit of crackling before carving the tender moist tasty meat...  When buying a spit roast pig from us you are welcome to hire our spit free of charge* - prebooking essential.  Contact us today.

* Deposit required

LOCAL or FURTHER AFIELD?  Locally we will deliver your hog fresh, so just let us know when you are planning to roast it and we will plan to have it to you in good time ready to roast.  When delivering further afield, we may use a chilled van or a third party courier.  It depends on a number of factors such as size of hog, location, timing, notice.  When we use third party couriers we ship frozen so that the hog starts to slowly defrost during transit to arrive with you in perfect chilled condition.  We find this preferable to shipping chilled and 'hoping' that it will remain below 5 degrees celcius for the journey.  When you receive your hog, remove the packaging to allow the air at the hog and allow it to continue defrosting.  This will usually take about 12 hours so ensure you ask us to deliver a day before you intend to roast the hog.

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